About Us

Our goal at Shivelight Company is to provide extraordinary value and service to by listening to and understanding our clients.

We support the people and small businesses that make up our community, by making their IT systems efficient and secure. Relationships are important to us, and we know that you should be treated with the same as our own family; we believe that putting people over profit is one of the best things we can do to make our community a better place.

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Mahlon Otero

My goal is to bring value to the people of our community, to explain technology & make it easy to understand, and to leverage Shivelight’s services in order to bring the maximum value possible to our clients. Here at Shivelight we do our best everyday to help those in our community and to make the world a better place.

Alison Otero

We are your community focused local IT company.

Here at Shivelight Company, I want our clients to have peace of mind coming to us knowing they will be treated and helped as they should. We support the members of our community by putting their needs first and treating them with respect.

About Our Name

Shivelight is a word originally coined by Gerard Manley Hopkins to describe the lances of sunshine that pierce the canopy of a wood; here at Shivelight company we hope to follow suit. We strive to be the light that shines through to bring real honest value, personal relationships, and meaningful connections to our community.

Our clients love our top tier service and attention to detail.

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